Friday, November 12, 2010

Switzerland, Part 4

On the third day of Switzerland, my true love said to me,

"Rain rainy raining,
Rainy rainy raining,
And a rain bear in a rain tree!"

P.S.  Ew.

So the weather on our third day wasn't excellent.  Having been by this time on the trip the recipients of upwards of nine gazillion barrels of pure sunshine (they sell it really cheap in France!), we were pretty much total weenies and we decided not to venture up into the misty peaks.  Instead we went Tröttibiking!

The more excited I am about an activity, the less attractive my face is.  Look at how I have my satchel strapped to the back of the Tröttibike, like some kind of nerd.  Some kind of nerd, I tell you!

Let me explain Tröttibiking for you.  A Tröttibike (pronounced TRUCNISDLANLJKKJDFS) is a sort of bike/scooter hybrid that combines the brakes, wheels, spokes and storage capacity of a bicycle with the frightening instability and lack of a pedal mechanism of a scooter.  IT WAS SO MUCH FUN.  It was actually pretty much my favorite thing that we did the entire trip.  You take the tram up from Grindelwald to Bort and ride a Tröttibike down on the bike paths and roads, complete with cars, that accompany the resplendent beauty of the Swiss mountainside.  And each time you gaze up at the staggering beauty of your surroundings, you almost crash.  Perfect!  Nothing could be better!

I understand that my message might be a little bit ambiguous, so let me make myself perfectly clear.  Tröttibiking from Bort to Grindelwald was one the best nearly-an-hours of my life.  I felt so free while at the same time I felt like I was in a video game that had really good graphics.  Totally worth whatever they charged us.

We also met a cow on the way down.  She wanted to eat Sophie's fingers.  Sophie was pleased.

Arriving in Grindelwald was a huge letdown because I wanted to Tröttibike forever.  Sophie and I almost decided to play miniature golf -- did I mention that practically every tiny town in the Jungfrau region has an eighteen-hole miniature golf course? -- but in the end I spared Sophie and we took the train back to Lauterbrunnen, where we ate dinner and read (one of us may or may not have obsessively read about medical school on the Internet) and went to sleep.

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