Wednesday, May 26, 2010

O Canada

Fargo is kind of an icky place.  It's a flat and giant midtown without a Starbucks that two moderately intelligent people armed with two iPhones and a Motorola GPS can find.  Sophie and I stayed at the Holiday Inn Fargo, which was fine, except for the horror movie-long hallway.  It seriously made me nauseous.  I would have taken a picture, but a little girl on a tricycle took my camera.

Above you see the post office where Sophie and I mailed various and sundry stuffs and things.  Isn't Fargo exciting?

Following our glorious Fargo breakfast of Subway and Lära Bars, we began the long, long, long drive to Saskatoon.

North Dakota is super flat.  So is Saskatchewan.  We stopped in Minot, ND for lunch and drove around for about a half-hour trying to find a Thai restaurant that Google said was in two different places.  In reality, it wasn't anywhere.  We ended up at a Chinese buffet slash Mongolian Barbecue that was plastered with posters: "TOP 100 CHINESE RESTAURANTS."  The caveat was, of course, that this restaurant wanted you to vote for them.  The smell alone told us that it was highly unlikely that this particular restaurant ever had or ever would earn such honors.  Big surprise, Chinese food in Minot sucks.  The China King buffet had clearly decided to use the scarier sets of sauces available at Asian grocers throughout America.  You know, the soy sauce that for some reason has benzalkonium chloride, redistributed manganese substrate and pre-hydrated collagen substitute.  Sophie and I picked anxiously at our lukewarm stir-fries for about a half-hour before we headed off to Canada.

Many hours later, and after an uneventful border crossing, we arrived in Regina for dinner.  Yelp and Google Maps successfully led us to a tasty Korean Restaurant called Korea House.

See if you can guess who ordered what!  That's right.  Sophie ordered the spicy pork.  Sophie insisted to me that the tea, which I was sure was barley tea, as it usually is at Korean restaurants, was made of corn.

I asked the waitress.

The tea was made of corn.

It was tasty, so I was okay with being wrong.

Three hours later, at about 11 PM, we finally landed at the Super 8 Motel in Saskatoon.  Tomorrow (or, actually, today) we head to Edmonton to see the largest mall in the knowable universe.


  1. It's almost as good (or bad) as being there!

  2. Nice Shining reference.

    On a completely random note:
    As people I know are slowly starting to get married and have babies, I have come to realize the number one thing that will suck when I finally decide to get pregnant: giving up sushi. Alcohol, no problem. But dear god, 9 months without sushi?