Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Point of Consciousness

First, an aside.

Although this is officially a blog about traveling in Europe, in order to get to Europe Sophie and I have to brave the long drive from Cleveland to Alaska, where we will be living for the next year or two.  We packed up our car this evening and headed to a hotel in Beachwood, the leaping off point of our journey.  We leave tomorrow at 6 AM.  It is presently 11:16 PM.  Sophie is hanging out with her best friend Katie on the couch, and I am recording our experience.  Here you can see Sophie and Katie.

Both Sophie and I were pretty sad to leave our apartment.  It was our first apartment together, and we had a great time living there.  It's too easy to think that we're leaving good times behind, instead of running to catch the good times that are waiting for us.  I said goodbye to a lot of things as we drove from University Circle through Shaker Heights to Beachwood.  We passed my favorite lake, the Unitarian church that I worked at, and other things that seem to grow more sentimental in the dark.  Moments like these (moments of great change) for some strange reason feel more static than every day life.  Such a dramatic change in routine and outlook crystallizes awareness.  It's like you can't see how small a place is until you're driving away from it.  Probably because it actually looks smaller.  Huh.  But I'm talking about that weird feeling that you're looking forward and backward at the same time.  Knowing that an era is ending.  A non-artificial point of demarcation.  A life event.

Here are some pictures of our furniture!  We will never see it again.

I leave you with one final image; one that I feel truly represents the heart and soul of Cleveland.

But seriously.  It is the Champagne of Beers.

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